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Lifelong adhesion

As today's binding materials tend to be strongly impregnated and resistant to outside influences it is merely impossible to achieve an enduring adhesion using conventional labels.

Hence we employ a self-interlacing acrylate-adhesive which will remain polymeric even after all moisture has evaporated. The adhesive is highly resistant to ageing and therefore ideal for long-term lettering, which may be more than a hundred years. Our adhesive is plasticiser-free, plasticiser-resistant and solvent-free. Its durability has been tested and approved by the Institute for Paper Production at the Technical University Darmstadt.

The decelerated adhesion allows corrections during a label's placement. We recommend using a folding bone when installing the labels. In case of a difficult binding the label may be pressed on with a common flat iron. The special adhesive interconnects with the binding within twenty hours. The removal of cured labels will lead to their ruining.

To prepare a cover for relabelling carefully remove the old label with a knife. Any residual material can be cleared off with rubbing alcohol.